Adjuvant 92

Adjuvant 92

ADJUVANT 92 is the latest generation filmed deposit. Easy and rapid riddling.


A riddling adjuvant of the latest generation made of selected alginates and bentonites. Helps to form a compact deposit which easily and quickly aggregates by riddling. Suited to automated riddling such as when a Gyropalette® is used. For manual riddling, movements should be gentle to avoid the deposit separating: classical shaking and restacking is unnecessary, and may even be harmful. Can be used alone or in association with CLAR T TIRAGE, SPECIAL TIRAGE or COMPLEXE A.N.


Il est parfaitement efficace sur pupitre, mais sa formule a été étudiée en vue des remuages ultra-rapides que l’on obtient avec la méthode GYROPALETTE® couplée avec les TSR 504.


Liquid : 8 cL/hL

Powder : 3 to 4 g/hL