The Station Œnotechnique de Champagne®, at the same time as the activities of the Analysis Laboratory, from Oenological Advice, a Range of Materials, a range of Consumables and an After-Sales Service, is also expertise in the field of SERVICES.

Significant Human Resources:

– 2 Service Managers (Aube et Marne)

– 20 Champagne Method Cellar Technicians method specialists split between the 2 Magenta and Bar Sur Seine sites

– Quality control with Training of the teams in HACCP

– A dedicated Maintenance Team.

Material resources spread over 4 Areas:

10 Cooling Units (Crystalloprocess and RVS tank)

7 Filtration units (Plaque, Kieselguhr, Tangentie

12 tirage lines for 5,000 to 12,000 bottles/hour, and 1 Large Bottle Section

7 disgorging lines for 1,200 to 2,000 bottles/hour, and 1 Large Bottle Section

Automatic packers and depalettisers to decrease the arduous nature of the work on medium and fast lines

Traceability with inkjet or jet marking


Logistics resources with New Facilities:

– Carriers

– Trailers