Vitilevure DV10

Vitilevure DV10

Selected yeast, approved by the microbiology laboratory at the “Pôle Technique et Environnement” of the CIVC (Epernay, France)


VITILEVURE DV10, due to its oenological and microbiological properties, is particularly suited to the harsh conditions found in white varietals that are used as base wines in the production of sparkling wines, and which generally have low levels of nitrogen.


VITILEVURE DV10 produces wines that are delicate, round, balanced, with subtle fruit aromas. These qualities are also required for fermentation in bottle.
VITILEVURE DV10 is also very effective to restart stuck fermentations.

  • Dosage Rosé and white winemaking: 20 - 25 g/hL
    Red winemaking: 25 - 30 g/hL